Think about that stomach-in-throat bass drop. Think about that voice that makes your hair stand on end. Think about the soundtrack to your greatest nights. Sovereign Records is all about chasing the leading edge of the EDM experience, tapping into that pulse and delivering it live and direct to your bloodstream.

Sovereign Records have an international roster who can instinctively command a dancefloor, from Jeonghyeon, the 22-year-old South Korean DJ and Future House Music Award nominee whose euphoric mixes have caught the ears of Martin Garrix and David Guetta, to 17-year-old Dutch producer Ryllz, whose seminal track “Nemesis”, winning almost 20 million Spotify streams, attests to Sovereign Records’ ear for exhilarating artists who are pushing the parameters of EDM. The label is also home to the Top 40 Billboard-charting singer Rachel Woznow and Norwegian vocalist Guro Ukkestad, who teamed up with labelmate Braunfufel on the hypnotic anthem “Colors”. 

Sovereign Records elevate the profile of their artists through the release of their compilation releases which have launched careers into streams in the millions. The label also has enviable links to tastemakers who define the EDM landscape, securing coverage for their artists with Dancing Astronaut, and EDMTunes.