Hidde Van Way and Rachel Woznow join forces on latest EDM jewel ”Playing with fire”

“Playing With Fire” is the shot of sunshine you’ve been waiting for. Producer Hidde van Way, whose sonic signature is influenced by the hypnotic club cuts of his native Amsterdam, captures lightning in a bottle with Top 40 Billboard charting vocalist Rachel Woznow with this gleaming, EDM collaboration. 

Inspired by timeless, disco sensibilities being swirled in with futuristic beats, name-checking the sounds of DJOKO and Chris Stussy as his influences, Hidde van Way found a perfect collaborator in Rachel Woznow, whose powerhouse vocals take you right back to the dancefloor of Studio 54. Dreamt up on a summer’s day, “Playing With Fire” came from a place of burning optimism for the future. Laying down the chords the very same afternoon, Hidde van Way wanted to capture that feeling of total elation – but he also wanted to bring the “heat”, and that’s where Rachel Woznow comes in.

It was important to me that the vocals I gave fitted with the red-hot mood of the tune!” she says. Bringing lyricists Tatiana Zagorac and Laurel Clouston to the table to bring feeling to the track’s effervescence, Woznow explains: “‘Playing With Fire” is about that initial spark you feel when you meet someone special. Everything feels new, bright and exhilarating: you’re ‘walkin’ on a wire / playin’ with fire!’” 

Hidde van Way sees “Playing With Fire” as being the soundtrack to your moments of bliss: laying on the beach in the summer, knowing that life can’t get any better than this. Rachel Woznow says: “I hope that this song makes our listeners wanna get up and dance! This is a feel-good record. Spin it anytime, anywhere!” 

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