Count On You: the new summer single by Mariline

Moroccan EDM producer Mariline’s new single, “Count On You”, is an exciting and upbeat electronic dance track, continuing his string of great new tunes as an up-and-coming producer in the EDM scene. Released on Sovereign Records and available on Spotify and Soundcloud, Mariline’s new track is the perfect combination of energy, emotion, and intensity, designed to get the heart pumping and the body moving.

With a dynamic use of synth and drum beats combined with an underlying piano baseline, “Count On You” induces an intense feeling of energy and power, making the track both exhilarating and emotive. Having been inspired to start his music career after seeing Avicii perform at the Mawazine festival in 2015, Mariline released his first record in 2018 and has continued to hone his craft ever since. 

Building upon his extremely successful year in 2020, in which tracks such as “Broken Love” and “Want Me” hit a million streams each, Mariline delves further into his passion as an EDM producer with “Count On You”. A solo endeavour, “Count On You” demonstrates Marline’s ability to propel himself forward in the electronic dance scene, not only with the titular lyrics “count on you”, but with the exciting and fresh blend of synth and acoustic styles to create the latest hit track of 2021.

A spokesperson for Sovereign Records, on which “Count On You” is released, has said: “We are excited to continue our journey with Mariline, and are once again impressed and excited by his music. We are thrilled to release his new track “Count On You” to the world, confident that it will be enjoyed by many.”

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