Happi’s “Need You” is a triumph of Norwegian synth pop

Norwegian pop pioneer Happi is back with a new single. Featuring the lyrical and vocal talents of Felix Samuel, Need You is a deft blend of acoustic indie songwriting and minimalist synth-pop music. Happi’s unique sound combines the best elements of European pop music with the unique sensibilities of a Scandanavian artist. “Need You” builds upon the great promise that Happi has shown since his first single dropped in 2019.

On the surface, “Need You” might sound like another generic pop song. But listen for more than 10 seconds, and you will start to notice the subtle musical inflexions that separate Happi’s music from that of his contemporaries. Felix Samuel’s smooth vocal performance provides a standard pop hook to anchor the listener while exploring the depths of Happi’s synthesiser talents. 

It takes more than one listen to appreciate the nuances of the music here. Happi has a talent for layering different sounds on top of each other, creating soundscapes that are busy yet calming. From stabbing synth chords to amorphous percussive sounds that shift throughout the track, his constantly evolving sound keeps the listener engaged from start to finish.

The release of “Need You” marks another milestone in the career of one of the most promising emerging talents in the UK pop scene. As one company spokesperson put it, “Since the release of Happi’s first single “Tick” in 2019, he has gone from strength to strength, demonstrating the kind of versatility and rapid maturation that we rarely see in modern pop music. We are excited for the release of “Need You” and can’t wait for fans old and new to hear Happi’s latest track.”

Supported by Felix Samuel’s exceptional vocal talents, “Need You” is confirmation, if any were needed, that Happi is on the road to big things. As Scandipop gains ground in charts throughout Europe, Happi is definitely a name to look out for over the next few years.

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