Should’ve Known: The latest electronic hit by Mariline (ft. Joanna)

Continuing his stream of summer hits, Mariline’s new track featuring Joanna is an energetic and impactful EDM tune, punctuated beautifully by Joanna’s powerful vocals and emotive lyrics. Available on Soundcloud and Spotify, “Should’ve Known” is released under Sovereign Records and is a glorious blend of electronic drums, bass, and Joanna’s punchy lyrics to create another hit dance track.

After seeing Avicii perform at the Mawazine festival in 2015, Mariline was inspired to begin his journey as an EDM electronic musician. By releasing his first track in 2018, Mariline has continued to improve his skills and shake up the EDM scene. Following a hugely successful 2020, with both songs “Want Me” and “Broken Love” each hitting a million streams, Mariline continues his success into the summer of 2021 with his new collaboration with Joanna; “Should’ve Known”. 

“Should’ve Known” not only serves as an exciting and fresh electronic dance track perfect for any club or bar scene but also demonstrates Mariline’s ability to seamlessly blend elegant and electrifying vocals with the harsh, powerful beats of EDM. With the balance of Joanna’s emotive, sensational vocals and Mariline’s masterful build of energy and dynamism in his track, “Should’ve Known” is shaping up to be one of the best hit tracks of summer 2021.

“Should’ve Known” is being released by Sovereign Records, and a spokesperson for the company has said: “Mariline and Joanna have created an excellent EDM hit, and we continue to be amazed by Mariline’s mastery of his craft and Joanna’s singing ability. Confident that it will be enjoyed by many, we are thrilled to release their new track, “Should’ve Known”, to the world.”

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